makeup eraser

makeup eraser

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did you know that 7.6 billion pounds of wipes are thrown into our landfills each year? that’s 20 million pounds of makeup wipes a day. "disposable" makeup wipes stay in our landfills and make up a third of waste, and we say it's time to change it up!

the makeup eraser is a reusable, ultra-soft makeup remover cloth that erases makeup with only warm water. almost like magic, the makeup eraser gently wipes away foundation, powder, brow pomades, eyeliner, you name it. with a soft side and an exfoliating side, the makeup eraser removes makeup without leaving any residue.

• each cloth will last you up to 1000 washes (they are machine washable) 

• great for travel 

• gently removes makeup without needing cleansers

• ultra soft

• only warm water required