ethica CORRECTIVE daily topical

ethica CORRECTIVE daily topical

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why not grow some hair while you're at home? 

this clear, non stick serum is an accelerator to speed up growth and promote healthy skin and scalp. ethica corrective topical goes to work on your follicles to maximize the hair you have, all while boosting new growth. daily users can expect an increase in volume, shine, and texture without any residue left over. ethica corrective targets stress, chemical damage, health issue related hair loss and adapts to you. it is fantastic as a spot treatment if you are thinning in small areas or as full scalp routine.

  • for men and woman with moderate to advanced corrective needs

  • water based, alcohol free formulation

  • leaves no residue

  • accelerates speed of hair growth

  • spot treat for problematic areas

  • can be used after chemotherapy to rebuild the follicle and maximize hair count

  • alopecia in both men and women

  • thyroid issues in both men and women

  • for any man that is losing his hair due to MPB – Male Pattern Baldness

  • for any woman that is losing her hair due to FPHL – Female Pattern Hair Loss

  • 60ml or 180ml