ethica anti-aging stimulating conditioner

ethica anti-aging stimulating conditioner

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why not grow some hair while you're at home? 

first and foremost, Ethica conditioner was formulated to be a high end, colour safe salon quality conditioner. from there, Ethica added just the right amount of micro-sphere encapsulated stimulating amino acids, botanicals and oils to maximize hair count. growth stimulation and collagen production to the scalp benefit all hair types and users can expect increased volume and density

  • Multiple anti inflammatories

  • Multiple DHT inhibitors

  • Multiple anti oxidants

  • Anti fungal

  • Provides growth stimulation

  • Lengthens growth (anagen) phase

  • Accelerates speed of growth

  • Increases collagen production of the scalp

  • Increased blood flow to the hair follicle (mimics Minoxidil)

  • Increases hair shaft thickness

  • 250ml or 500ml